Rexy and Puba: The Movie is a 2011 movie that runs for 26 minutes. Two sequels are planned:

Rexy and Puba 2: The Haunted Encounters andthumb|300px|right|Rexy and Puba: The Movie

Rexy and Puba's Finest Hour


Rexy and Puba seem to disturb Guido's sleep, and Guido throws them over a cliff. Puba and Rexy decide to make a movie, and the title comes in. Puff (Puba's dad and Cracker Jack's brother)has a meeting with his evil army, where he captures an orca cop and almost kills Po the panda. Rexy and Puba sing a popular youtube song, then go home to find out that Puff is a new threat and attacking them. The two build an army and tell them to fight, then get in a fight themselves. Guido tries to stop the fight very stupidly, then they get back together while laughing at Guido's stupidity. The three go to fight, where Puff attacks and tries to murder Puba, but Rexy jumps on him and rides him up to his house. Puff wants the house for himself, so he attempts to throw Rexy over the cliff, but Rexy grabs Puff and throws him off, instead. Rexy jumps, landing safely, and Puff and his army escape. Rexy and Puba play a spy game, then let the credits roll.






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