Darth Vader's Anger Issues is a series created by brainy1130

Episode 2: Dr. Uni

darth Vader welcolmes the viewers to his show when a strange pillow pet 'randomly hops through the scene'. The pillow pet is a unicorn who eats darth vader and poops him out.

Vader tries hard to think of the pillow pets' name, but the pillow pet says that his name is Dr. Uni. Then, all of a sudden, a cow says that the episode is not real, but Dr. Uni says that the cow is his son Bobbie, and don't listen to bobbie.

A weird voice says 'ENTER!' in the backround, and Dr. Uni tries to end the episode, but vader denies it and says that if thumb|300px|leftit will be over, then Dr. Uni must fart in the camera. Dr. Uni does so, and Darth Vader screams right before the credits roll in.