Darth Vader is the main star of the series Darth Vader's Anger Issues, which is about Darth bringing in patients that help him overcome his mental and physical issues. Darth is known to think he is a Spider-Man action figure under his suit, use the force, be happy the day he dies, eat ice cream, kill his own father, and get very angry at just about anyone who comes into his office (with the exception of Roll, his favorite patient and his assistant manager). Although none of this has been truly proved, we do think that Darth was acting a little crazy the first episode, so things 1-5 might not be true.

Darth Vader is known for getting annoyed at anything we could call funny. He hates everyone besides Roll, his companion, and a girl he likes (who turns out to be his sister). In his halloween two-part special, Darth Vader turns out to be easily manipulated into not getting a special wish-rock for Halloween. He is also shown to be arrested for attacking a Halloween USA clerk, and hating Halloween due to a terrible holdiay.

Famous Quotes:

Darth: When I'm done with you, you'll have a butt twich!

Frog: I already do.

Darth: I don't know why, but the day I died was a very happy day for me! I got ice cream!

(upcoming episode)

Darth: I will now proceed in killing you.

Darth: He's Dr. Uni, reporting for duty! he's a piece of Poopy!!!!

  • akward silence *

Dr. Uni: That's not very nice, son.

Patient: Dar--Dar--Darth---Vader! May I shake your hand???

Darth: Why, of course you can shake my hand!

  • Vader grabs his hand and throws him to other side of the room *

Darth: You're a loser, and so is your mother!!!