The second offical logo for brainy1130

brainy1130 is a youtube account owned by a boy named Brian. Little is known about brian except that he is a person who enjoys funny comedy series and movies

Brian made his account on youtube on July 19, 2011. With over 40 videos in the first month,and over 825 people had watched brainy1130 videos in that first month!!! 9 subscribers, 17 friends, and 17 subscribtions were also made in those first 3 weeks.

Many series are made on brainy1130: Darth Vader's Anger issues, Care Bears invade, Rexy and Puba: The Show, Movie Reviews, Comedies & parodies, Fake Trailers, animations, Deaths, and the upcoming mini-movies.

brainy1130 promises new vids whenever he has time. he also subscribes anybody who subs him. A few messages asking for the sub 4 sub deal were sent and are still being sent.